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Elite customer service is the #1 drive mechanism for Signature Auto Group.

Vladimir Shpigelman is the founder and owner of a company that has given car buyers a bold and totally new way of purchasing cars.  The company is Signature Auto Group, and it has redefined what it means to be an “automobile dealership.”

Vlad has always had a strong passion for automobiles.  He came from Ukraine to the U.S. at the tender age of 13, making Brooklyn his home.  There he would stake his claim on his personal quest to achieve the American dream.   After graduating from high school, he pursued his Bachelors degree at St. John’s University and later transferred to Brooklyn College.  It was while attending the college that the idea for a different way to sell cars began to crystallize in the inventive entrepreneur’s mind.

His idea was to sell cars like a brokerage.  Instead of walking through a car lot, people would tell Vlad’s sales associates what kind of car they want – make and model – and then the sales associates do the shopping, negotiating the best deal on that kind of car and then delivering the car right to the home or office of the buyer.

Vlad’s idea started out as just a way to make a few $100 a week.  It quickly grew.  In fact, with devoted partners and exceptional staff, Signature Auto Group has grown to becoming the leading automotive sales company in the entire area.

Today Vlad continues managing the company.  He handles all the day-to-day operations of the company and sells cars too.  He is also an insurance broker, property and casualty.

Vlad is married with 1 daughter.  He is a big community supporter who donates wherever he can help out.  He loves sports too.

His hard work has paid off and he plans to keep growing and keep on making people’s dreams come true.

I don’t believe in selling a car, I believe in building personal long lasting relationships.

Allen Khaselev, General Manager in Signature Auto Group, helped start this innovative online automotive brokerage back in 2006.  Starting out in sales, he became a general manager in 2012.  His sales talents and financial wizardry have been a big reason that Signature has grown to serving more than 20,000 satisfied customers throughout the Tri-State area.

After graduating from the City College of New York, Allen worked on Wall Street for a couple years and then moved on to managing retail stores before joining Signature.

Allen and the Signature Auto Group handle every make and model of car — Trade Ins, New Car sales, New car leases, Used cars, etc.  A Certified New York State Auto Dealer, the Signature approach to car selling is unique.  Located in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, this is an automobile dealership that has no car lot for customers to walk through.  Rather it acts as a brokerage, finding the kind of car that the customer is seeking, getting the best deal, and delivering it to the customer’s home.

With phenomenal reviews all over the Internet and a superb staff of more than 30 employees, Signature is a proud member of the BBB.  Allen continues to grow its customer base and make Signature Auto Group the most popular way people buy cars.

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.

Boris Shulman has been with Signature Auto Group since 2012 and has quickly excelled in his career with New York City’s top leasing company. He attended Baruch College and the College of Staten Island where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Boris has more than 10 years of experience in sales and customer service. He specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge to consistently acquire new business and exceed the customer’s expectations of the auto sales experience. Thanks to Boris’s exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business, Boris continues to lead Signature Auto Group in sales.

Well done is better than well said.

Yan Brodskiy, Senior  Sales Consultant and General Manager for Signature Auto Group, joined the unique dealership-without-a-car-lot in 2011.  Advancing from sales to management, Yan has been the firm’s top sales producer for the last 1½ years.

Primarily focused on leasing new cars, Yan also handles used car sales, financing, and trade-ins, in addition to Signature’s growing export business, selling vehicles worldwide, including Europe, Japan, China, Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere.  Yan is also an authorized seller of auto, home, and business insurance.

Before entering the automotive industry, Yan was a Wireless industry entrepreneur for about 10 years.  He owned 4 stores, including 2 TMobile locations that were the top sales producers in South Brooklyn, as well as Verizon and AT&T stores.

Yan started his professional career as a legal intern working in a law office for a few years, but he realized that his passion was not in law but in sales and entrepreneurship.  For his entire life, sales has been his greatest talent and most successful endeavor.

Other than salesman, Yan is proudly a family man, married 6 years, with a 5-year-old daughter and another child on the way.

Make a customer, not a sale.

I started working in the sales industry at the age of 15, building and selling computers for clients. I began working for the Signature team 3 years ago because I am an automotive enthusiast. I received direct training from the entire Signature team to perfect my skills as a sales consultant. My customers are my number 1 priority which is why I always work hard to satisfy their needs. I am always willing to go the extra mile for any customer under any circumstance, even if it means devoting time after hours to make the customer happy.

Anyone can sell a car … I sell an experience.

Eugene Kravts has been with Signature Auto Group for over 4 years. He has mastered providing an unforgettable experience and he lives by the slogan ” I put dreams into driveways” Passionate about his customers he has grown to be one of the top sales representatives at Signature Auto group. He manages to know every spec of every car in the automotive business a plus in our business.

It is not your customer's job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don't have the chance to forget you.

Russell Barinboym has experience in sales for  15 years , He graduated from Brooklyn College with a double major in business management & psychology. He is honest & detail oriented & chose this career path because of his love of social interaction.He is  dedicated to providing the best possible service to consumers on all their wants and needs in the automotive industry.

It's easier to explain price once then to apologize for quality forever.

Alex Tron has been in the Auto Industry for over 6 years. His love of helping people make the right choice with there 2nd biggest purchase in life motivates him to continue making sure all your automotive need are always met. He often says ” A car dealer will shake your hand and say see you in 3 years. I will always make sure I am there for you 24/7 with any questions or concerns.” Alex takes pride in what he does and his dedication to his customers have them coming back with friends and family.

I think were doing the right things for the right reasons. We're not doing It to sell products.

Alex Polishchuk has been in the sales business for 10 years and has been apart of the signature auto group family for 4 years his love of cars brought him to be one of the top sales guys in the business accumulating hundreds of clients and returning customers, He graduated with a degree in PTA but found his true passion in cars.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

David Shnyderman has been with Signature Auto Group for 4 years, driven and motivated his passion for cars has been with him for as long as he can remember.

Join Our Team

Due to continued growth, Signature Auto Group is now hiring Automobile Sales Associates to join our team at our Brooklyn location!

Signature Auto Group believes that its strength, continued success, future growth and profitability depend on building trusting relationships with our employees, customers and industry partners.

Individual and organizational pride are critical elements of our future. Our people make all the difference. We provide opportunities for growth and new challenges for our employees so they may achieve professional development and personal fulfillment. Working with our communities, we help and support those people and organizations whose fulfillment enhances their quality of life as it does our own.

We will continually strive to define, improve and operate by setting the highest standards in the automobile industry. Please fill out the form below to apply with Signature Auto Group.

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