If you wish to drive a vehicle away without putting any money down first, then a Sign and Drive, zero down lease deals areis just the thing you need!

Sign and Drive zero down leases are a popular choice for those who can’t afford a down payment. The expenses you are expected to pay after signing a car lease don’t just disappear, though. Such fees will be integrated into the payments you make each month over your auto lease’s duration.

If you’re interested in leasing an all-new car, but you can’t cover the costs that come with signing for one upfront, a Sign and Drive zero down lease special deal is a great avenue for you. If you do have some money to put down, then you can make smaller payments each month with this kind of auto lease special.

If you been looking at car leasing specials deals online, you’ve likely come across a pair of similar offers: 

  • Sign and Drive deals.
  • eAutoLease deals.

Each has its own advantages, and zero down leases areis sometimes available for both options.


eAutoLease specials car lease deals are a great approach to having a vehicle leased without leaving an out-of-pocket deposit. How is this even possible? Essentially, the lease payments you make each month will be higher with this program. The trade-off is convenience and no money paid upfront.

Our eAutoLease car lease deals are unrivaled in Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island. We will deliver your car wherever you want on the same day that you lease it at no charge (if you reside in New Jersey, Statin Island, Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn)! Simply contact us to find out if our eAutoLease car lease specials deals apply your region (odds are, they will).

Signing up for an all-new car without putting any money down is one of the greatest aspects of an eAutoLease! Your new car can either be delivered to your home or office, or you can pick it up yourself. Either way, you won’t have to worry about any upfront fees. Note: while you won’t have to pay any upfront expenses, be mindful that fees may be charged by the DMV or your financial institution. 

We service customers over the phone and through the internet (via the online eAutoLease program). The most recent eAutoLease specials are on our website. 

Regardless of which kind of lease deal you go with, Signature Auto Group is the place for the best car lease programs that can simplify this process for you, particularly if you live in Manhattan, Statin Island, Queens, or Brooklyn. Give us a call at 718-616-2277 (CARS) for more info.

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