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    General Motors has focused heavily on ride quality in recent years, and sometimes the emphasis feels single-minded, as if billiard-table smoothness in the cabin will atone for any number of dynamic sins. This impression has been on the wane of late, and the Malibu retains the excellent ride of its predecessors, while throwing in a modicum of dynamic refinement to sweeten the pot. In corners, body motions are controlled and predictable, although the rear end does have a tendency to step out under trail-braking. One change that would make a world of difference: Trade the numb-plus-numb Goodyear Assurance tires for a set of mildly more aggressive rubber. During a downpour in the Santa Monica Mountains, we weren’t always sure how long the front end was going to stay planted. Dry conditions erased the spookiness, offering progressive, early understeer. This chassis is good enough to handle more grip. The steering is direct, even as it lacks the telepathic link offered by Honda’s Accord or the sporty feel of the Mazda 6.

    Materials-wise, the cabin fares well—it’s at least as good as most other automobiles in the segment, and it’s only clearly outdone by the Mazda 6 and the Volkswagen Passat. The dash fabric, featuring a sort of chainlink-fence pattern, garnered mixed reviews from our staff. While some appreciated the rather bold choice, others found it a mite weird. Regardless, fit and finish are very good, and the upholstery’s stitching is a cut above that in the Accord and the Camry, the segment’s perennial stalwarts.

    The interior suffers only a few major bugaboos. From a driver’s standpoint, the sequoia-thick, steeply raked A-pillars tend to obscure vision in corners. And the dinky toggle atop the shifter for manual gear selection is so ineffective that Chevrolet shouldn’t have even bothered. From a passenger’s perspective, the rear seat is rather narrow for three average adults, though even tall center occupants should find themselves with plenty of headroom.

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