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Details & Specifications

The 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid is readily available for lease in the accompanying styles: Touring Plug-In Hybrid 4dr Sedan, and Plug-In Hybrid 4dr Sedan. The 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid accompanies front wheel drive. Available transmissions include: CVA. the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. It’s also a standout amongst the most appealing in its rapidly expanding section of vehicles that mix discharges free electric driving with range without anxiety hybrid driving. In addition to the fact that it has more electric range than everything with the exception of the destined to-bestopped Chevrolet Volt, however it’s generally more pleasant to drive and has a more extravagant, calmer cabin than others in the section. Its sticker price isn’t even that outrageous and it shows signs of improvement when you think about heavy rebates. Presently, for alternate variants. The Clarity Fuel Cell is a top notch hydrogen-controlled car, however it’s solitary available for lease in California … which is also the main place where you can realistically fill it with hydrogen. The Clarity Electric at least expands its lease-just availability to Oregon, yet that doesn’t really fix the fact that it’s saddled with a rather pathetic 89 miles of range. So for a large portion of the nation (and for anyone looking for an electric car), they should not in any case exist. New Jersey drivers realize they will locate the best lease deals on financial rides like the Clarity, and other fast moving new cars in New York at Signature Auto Group. Pick your favored model, trims and upgrades via searching on the web at