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    The fourth-generation Lexus RX has a bit more room, a bit more power, a bit better mileage and bit more dynamism, without straying far from the formula that made its predecessors great. We’d call the 2017 RX 350 and RX 450h a smashing success.

    The new RX presents Lexus’s now familiar “spindle grille” as boldly as any vehicle to date. Its front roof pillars have been pushed rearward to emphasize the length of its hood. The plane of its roof is flattened and it floats above the RX’s hips and hatch, courtesy of the black-out treatment at the bottom of the rear pillars. LED headlights come standard, with shimmering-jewel LED marking lights.

    This RX grows compared to its predecessor. Its 109.8-inch wheelbase increases nearly two inches and its length nearly five inches. Measuring 192.5 inches bumper to bumper, the RX is now longer than Mercedes’ mid-size GLE SUV. Its unibody has been modernized with more hot-pressed, high-strength steel, laser screw welding and linear yards of polymer adhesive. The hood and hatch are aluminum and there are lots of NVH improvements, starting with thicker acoustic glass.

    Larger exterior dimensions make more interior space—at least for people, primarily in hip and legroom. Thanks probably to the more rakish roof line, maximum cargo volume drops, to 56.3 cubic feet.

    Its familiar 3.5-liter V6 is updated with direct fuel injection, though it follows Toyota’s curious practice of using both direct and port injection. The heads are redesigned for the purpose, with new ports and a re-profiled combustion chamber that increases compression ratio about 10 percent (to 11.8:1). The cylinder bores are finished with a new resin coating, and there are other friction reductions throughout.

    Bottom line, the ’16 RX 350 V6 makes 295 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque, or 25 hp and 15 lb-ft more than 2015. Lexus projects EPA ratings of 19 mpg city and 26 highway with AWD—up 5 and 8 percent respectively, despite the extra power and curb weight. The gain is largely a function of engine efficiencies and a new transmission.

    The transmission is an eight-speed automatic across the board, replacing the six-speed previously used in the standard RX 350. There’s also a new clutch-operated rear differential for RXs with AWD, complete with a lock feature that holds front/rear torque distribution at 50/50.

    The RX 450 hybrid uses the same 3.5-liter V6, managed with the variable valve timing for steady Atkinson Cycle operation. Output drops to 259 hp, 247 lb-ft. Two motors—one parallel, one in series—raise maximum peak horsepower to 309. The hybrid has a continuously variable automatic, and all-wheel-drive variants add a third, 67-hp motor that is the exclusive power source for the rear wheels.

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