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    The 2019 Lexus UX is the automaker's first foray into the smallest niche of crossover SUVs, and it's a bit tardy. Rivals from the BMW X1 to the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class have been around for years, and the Volvo XC40 presents a formidable new challenge.

    With the 2019 UX, Lexus has made it worth the wait for anyone with more monthly income than garage space. The UX has a more pleasant ride and more rear-seat space than all its named rivals, though value’s relatively low on its priority list. The 2019 UX sports dramatic styling that still forces bystanders to choose sides, though the same themes have been put to work on other Lexus vehicles for a few years. The big spindle grille, the dewlaps at the front end, the finned taillights all cut a distinctive path through the air, a path we think will be compelling for some time. The cabin’s offset dash and color choices step smartly into a fashion-forward arena, but it’s a bit cluttered.

    Lexus sells a 168-horsepower UX200 with front-wheel drive, and a 176-hp UX250h hybrid with all-wheel drive that uses an electric motor to provide through-the-road four-wheel traction. Fuel economy’s the focus, not performance, but the UX has a little more than adequate acceleration. Ride is its best virtue, even though American-market machines don’t get the adaptive suspension sold elsewhere.

    The UX comports itself best, perhaps, in rear-seat space. Among these pricey, teensy crossover SUVs, it’s the UX that has the grippy front seats and six-footer-ready rear seats. Cargo room isn’t awe-inspiring in hybrids, because of battery packaging, but the fold-down rear seats telegraph the UX’s intent: it’s likely to be a two-seater most of the time, with the storage area crammed with weekend finds or weekend bags.

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