Build Your Dream 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF

Step 01
Choose Your exterior Colors
Soul Red Crystal Metallic
Choose Your Interior Color
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Choose Your Down Payment


Step 04
Lease Payment
$476 /month (Exc. taxes and fees)
36 month
Down Payment
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Details & Specifications

The MX-5 RF, an abbreviation for “retractable fastback” however should simply mean “roof.” Much like the third-generation Miata with the secondary power retractable hard best, the RF boasts a strong, multi-piece collapsing cover—yet not at all like that past car, the RF is more targa than roofless two-seater. The framework works not very dissimilarly from the Porsche 911 Targa’s roof; hold down a switch, and in a matter of seconds, the rear deck cover, B-pillars, and move bar ascend and back as one so the hard panel above the occupant’s head can slide into an opening behind the seats. The new, larger motor for the 2019 model year adds both power (26 steeds of it) and genuinely necessary usability, giving a more extensive torque bend and more power overall. That 181-horse control peak comes at 7,000 rpm, 200 revs past the old motor’s redline; you’ll want to continue turning the modest four-pot up to its 7,500 rpm limit again and again, both to keep the engine on the bubble and because it’s simply damn well entertaining. The best deals on all Mazda models for new vehicle leases in New York and New Jersey are at Signature Auto Leasing. The best new car leasing on the web site in New York City is Lease a new car on the web and have it conveyed directly to your home. Give Signature Auto a shot and save on a new lease in New York.