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Hydrogen energy component vehicles, for example, the Mirai, convert pressurized hydrogen into electricity that is utilized to drive an electric engine. Because they are electrically fueled, there are no tailpipe outflows. However with its tanks brimming with hydrogen, the Mirai can go about 300 miles, which is more than most other similarly evaluated battery electric cars, and you can top it off at a hydrogen refueling station in only a couple of minutes. Reminiscent of a last-generation Toyota Avalon, the Mirai has comfortable seats and conveys a reasonably smooth ride. More often than not it’s a calm place to pass the miles, with the special case being a couple of odd, and fairly inconspicuous, background clamors from the power module. We are here to enable you to discover your lease. Signature Auto lease agents are dedicated to discover you the best new car lease in New York City. Our agents will work to discover you the make and model of your dreams. The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime is available in three trim levels: Plus, Premium and Advanced. All share the same hybrid powertrain and perform identically, so the distinctions among them come down to features. That is, the Plus is clearly the value play of the range, yet it has a tolerable rundown of standard features.