Preparing To Return A Lease


When the time comes to return your leased vehicle, Signature Auto Group goes out of our way for you. Our car return facilities are conveniently located in Brooklyn and Staten island, servicing the entire New York City area. We invite you to visit one of our Lease Return Specialists for help in selecting your next perfect car.

Signature Auto Group accepts all makes and models for lease returns – even if you did not least the car from us. Simply follow these guidelines, which have been designed to provide you with all the information needed for a stress-free car return transaction.

Preparing Your Car for Return

About two months prior to the expiration of your lease, you should have a pre-inspection of your vehicle based on Vehicle Condition Guidelines, which are standard way to evaluate the condition of a vehicle. Just in case the resulting Vehicle Inspection Report specifies any necessary repairs, you’ll have time to take care of them. The report will also include the cars mileage and if there are any outstanding payments due.

Making An Exchange

Visit a Lease Return Specialists for help with every aspect of leasing your new dream car. Signature Auto Group has a wide-ranging inventory, and we’re always providing special offers to help you find that perfect deal. Take a look at our inventory to see what’s available now. As a part of the exchange transaction, our staff will help you with all of the paper work required to turn in your current vehicle.

Easy Returns

If you simply want to return your car, contact us to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection.

Whether you are exchanging or returning a car, Signature Auto Group will help you every step of the way.

Once the Vehicle Inspection Repot meets all lease agreement requirements, you’re ready to return the vehicle with the following items:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner’s manual and maintenance reports
  • Vehicle return receipt and odometer disclosure statement

Signature Auto Group is New York City's leading auto lease dealer. We offer a large selection of vehicle makes and models. We have offices in both Brooklyn and Staten Island, and serve customers across NYC, including Long Island, Queens, New Jersey, and more. We're also proud to offer a selection of quality used cars at unbeatable prices. To learn more or get a quote on any please contact us today.

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