New York, NY, December 18, 2019: New York City’s leading auto leasing company, Signature Auto Group, known for offering a large selection of vehicle makes and models online, has this week confirmed that their business now offers Allstate Insurance and an official full-service auto body repair shop with inspection services.

Including everything from Allstate Insurance and the Allstate Good Hands Repair Network, to a full body shop for wear and tear restoration, tire changes, etc., Signature Auto Group has the ability to make any customerfeel happy, safe, and protected on the road.

“We don’t want our customers to run all over the city, looking for different service providers when they can enjoy everything in a true one-stop-shop,” said Vladimir Shpigelman, Managing Director at Signature Auto Group. “That’s why we’ve worked hard to onboard experts in everything needed to tune up a car in the shortest possible timeframe.”

Signature Auto Group is the first leasing company in NYC to have such a partnership with a provider like Allstate. Thanks to this Allstate partnership, Signature Auto Group’s team can now provide its customers with quality insurance. Now every Signature Auto Group driver can enjoy the coast-to-coast coverage and reliability of Allstate, not to mention access to the Good Hands Repair Network for any kind of car troubles, anywhere in the U.S!

Signature Auto Group has also added a full-service auto collision center to its business. “Auto Group Collision” ensures fast, reliable, and accurate car fixes and body tune-ups due to wear-and-tear, as well as accidents!

“It can be hard to predict what’s going to happen out on the open road. Other drivers aren’t always vigilant or careful, which means we can end up in car accidents that damage our cars,” said Shpigelman. “We want our drivers to know if this happens to you, you can bring your car into our shop and we’ll get it tuned up as quickly as possible.”

Lastly, Signature Auto Group is also an official Carco Photo auto service inspection facility. Now drivers can bring their cars in to confirm that the vehicles are properly valued and insured through a physical inspection, which is critical for ensuring all cars and motorcycles on the road are safe for driving.

“We do it all right here at our facilities,” said Shpigelman. “We want you to spread the word – and don’t forget to check out our website. We’ve worked hard to make it a comprehensive shopping experience where you can buy and lease a car, all without leaving your home.”

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