New York, NY, December 18, 2019: Signature Auto Group, located in Brooklyn, is New York City’s leading auto leasing companies, known for offering a large selection of vehicle makes and models, this week announced they are now providing nationwide auto lease deals, plus new car delivery to home and office locations.

In an effort to make leasing or buying car online through their platform that much more reliable and convenient for the hard-working personnel within the great New York City region, Signature Auto Group will now provide nationwide auto lease rates and deals that cover drivers coast-to-coast.

“No matter where a person is located, if they want to access our stellar inventory and best auto lease deals, they can,” said Allen Khaselev, Managing Director at Signature Auto Group. “Why be confined by an auto leasing deal that expires outside of the state, when you can access a deal that is based on a nationwide premise? That’s the kind of online car leasing service we provide here at our operation.”

Signature Auto Group includes a slew of benefits for all those leasing autos with them, including: the automotive insurance center that has been providing insurance solutions for over 5-years, auto body repair through expert technicians that will provide detailed, attentive, and professional fixes to all car demands, lease transfers that enable one driver to transfer their lease to another, following a credit approval with the finance company, wheel and tire protection, and lastly, wear and tear protection.

The New York City-automotive entity also accepts lease exits. If a driver has a car lease that has reached its maturity, Signature Auto Group will accept the lease return, even if the car was not leased from them in the first place. This includes all makes and models.

“We’re a comprehensive automotive solution that’s going to make so many Americans’ lives easier with our nationwide leasing coverage,” said Khaselev. “That’s the kind of service that makes us happy.”

In addition to the auto leasing terms, Signature Auto Group is now also guaranteeing at-home and office car deliveries for those that are unable to come to pick up their new ride. With a totally digital experience that enables drivers to buy or lease cars right through their phones, Signature Auto Group will drop the purchase off at any home or office location within the greater New York City region.

“We’re a one-stop-shop, which means we are happy to provide automotive drop-offs to all of our clients,” said Khaselev. “It’s driving made easy – spread the word today.”

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