New York, NY, December 18, 2019: Signature Auto Group, located in Brooklyn, is New York City’s leading auto leasing. Signature is known for offering a large selection of vehicle makes and models, this week announced their online auto platform is enabling shoppers to both lease and buy cars entirely online.

Passionate about modernizing their auto offerings to stay up-to-date with the latest buying preferences and trends around the greater New York region, Signature Auto Group has created an entirely digital auto lead funnel.

“Online shopping is bigger than ever before today, with more and more people completing their entire shopping process right from their mobile device or laptop,” said Allen Khaselev, Managing Partner at Signature Auto Group. “We wanted to create that same kind of shopping experience for our customers. Now, you can buy or lease a car with our team, all without leaving the house!”

On the website, visitors have the choice of perusing auto lease specials, pre-owned New York City car specials, credit applications, and “sell your car” for those thinking about making extra money from the sale of their automobile. Car buyers can also access a convenient search feature that filters make, model, condition, min. price, max. price, and vehicle type.

All the tools and filters on the Signature Auto Group website are completely free to use. Therefore, car buyers can now search through the website, select a purchase deal or nyc auto leasing agreement that is suited to their needs, and close on the agreement, all through desktop or mobile devices.

“We want to be on the frontlines of modernizing automotive purchase power,” said Khaselev. “Our brand-new, leasing autowebsite is demonstrating what is possible with streamlined technology and the desire to modernize with consumer preferences. That’s why we spent so much time getting this car leasing online process right.”

Search tabs on the new website include: search cars, sell your car, exit your lease, enhance your lease, or credit application. Right on the home page, users can “search the best car deals online,” making Signature Auto World a truly one-stop-shop for everything automotive today.

“This shouldn’t be a stressful or a laborious process – shopping for a car or a car lease should be fun and exciting,” said Khaselev. “Spread the word on our entirely digital online shopping experience, now available through our website platform today.”

Signature Auto Group is also able to deliver quality auto collision insurance and other options in South Brooklyn, thanks to its Allstate partnership. They are the first non-franchise entity to be tapped by Allstate.

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