Auto Customization


Automotive manufacturers are setting the bar with new and advance lighting technology,  and we’re determined to develop and offer the latest aftermarket options for your headlights with the highest standards as well. Specializing mainly in BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz, Nissan vehicles, we often step outside our zone to work on other headlights and exercise our specialty.


If you feel like you’re car is starting to look a bit outdated, depending on the vehicle we can offer a refreshed, and updated look for your vehicle. We have experience and the knowledge to provide you with the latest and newest OEM factory look for your vehicle, whether it’s doing a complete face-lift conversion, or simply upgrading your bumper from a newer/better model.


Vinyl wrapping is a way to transform your vehicle into a one of a kind piece of art. From simple logos to full vehicle wraps, we can do it all. Vinyl wrapping is made for advertisements and promotions, but for us it’s a way to change your vehicle to better fit your personality. If you want wild we have Brushed Steel, Pearl Colors, or even Crocodile. If you prefer a subtle look or just need your roof done, we can do that too!


Vehicle manufacturers tend to factory-lock some of the convenience & comfort options for your vehicle to meet the US DOT regulations, so some features are available on your car in another country, could be locked, or blocked out on your vehicle. Some of these features include automatic window close upon locking the car, folding your mirrors, remote open and close of trunks on some vehicles.

What we can do is access all of these features, allowing us to unable them for your comfort and convenience. These comfort features are only available to VW/Audi/Porsche, BMW, & Mercedes vehicles.

On cars equipped with Electronic Air Suspesion (Ex. Mercedes, Porsche & BMW), we are able to access the computer and lower & raise the vehicle to your preference all via our computer.


Upgrading your suspension is more than simply lowering your car for just the aesthetic purposes. Upgrading your suspension provides an all around performance improvement – from handling through to acceleration. There are various different changes that can be made to your suspension, all depending on your driving preference, and where you drive the most. We offer complete consulting services to help you get the perfect setup for your car – with just the right combination of performance, handling, and comfort


With so many different rim and tire companies out these days – it can get overwhelming trying to decide exactly what setup to go with. Without doing some proper research there are quite a bit of problems you can run into. Sometimes they just don’t fit right: The tires rub in turns or over bumps. Keep in mind, not every wheel can go on every vehicle. Care must be taken so that tires and wheels are not too big, and that just the right offset is chosen. We at ONEighty can ensure you get the right fit for your vehicle. With years of experience dealing with companies such as Vossen, ADV1, BBS, Hankook, Falken, and more – we’ve come to be very comfortable calculating offsets, planning tire stretches, and putting together the perfect look for a customer’s vehicle.

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