Personal Concierge

What is Signature Auto Group Personal Assistant?

Signature Auto Group Personal Assistant gives you access to an entire team of professional personal assistants! You receive instant and easy access to whatever information you need. From simple tasks such as weather, important phone numbers, and making reservations to driving directions and traffic conditions, we do it all! Once registered, simply call our toll-free number from your mobile phone and you will be personally greeted by your very own Signature Auto Group Personal Assistant.

Smarter Than A Smartphone… And Safer

Providing Safety and Security from Anywhere in the World. Signature Auto Group gives provides our customers Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®. You will be able to access your Personal Assistant by phone, email, online, text, or app for everything from directory assistance, to comparison-shopping, to recommending a restaurant. We offer more than just information; we’re able to complete simple tasks on your behalf.

Get Instant Access To Whatever You Need

-Directory Assistance -Online Purchasing
-Weather Forecast -Consumer Product Reviews
-Dining Suggestions -Travel Arrangements
-Dining Reservations -General Trivia
-City Guides -Schedule Reminders
-Driving Directions -Sports Scores/Stats
-Movie Times/Reviews -Stock Market Information
-Price Comparisons -Emergency Assistance

City Guide

Our Personal Assistants are available 24/7 and dedicated to giving up-to-date information on events and happenings.

  • Directory Assistance
  • Dining Suggestions and Reservations
  • Driving Directions
  • Traffic Conditions
  • Local Hot Spots
  • Site-Seeing Information


Whether it’s business trips, a weekend away, or an exotic vacation, our Personal Assistants help with planning and booking. We’re always there – before and after the trip.

  • Flight Status and Gate Information
  • Hotel Information and Reservations
  • Cruise Suggestions and Booking
  • Consulate and Passport Information
  • Business Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Transportation Arrangements

Daily Living

Our Personal Assistants are eager to help you with your needs providing information or performingbasic tasks. Large or small, our team of personal assistants is eager to help 24/7/365.

  • Wake-Up Calls
  • General Trivia and Research Help
  • Recipes
  • Food Nutritional Information
  • Wine Pairing and Cocktail Mixology
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Product Reviews
  • Price Comparisons
  • Online Shopping


Planning a casual evening or a special occasion? Whatever the need, our team of Personal Assistants will help arrange a memorable experience.

  • Movie Times and Reviews
  • Event Tickets
  • Sports Scores and Statistics
  • Golf Course Tee Times and Bookings
  • Special Event Planning
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