Vladimir Shpigelman

Elite customer service is the #1 drive mechanism for Signature Auto Group.

Vladimir Shpigelman is the founder and owner of a company that has given car buyers a bold and totally new way of purchasing cars.  The company is Signature Auto Group, and it has redefined what it means to be an “automobile dealership.”

Vlad has always had a strong passion for automobiles.  He came from Ukraine to the U.S. at the tender age of 13, making Brooklyn his home.  There he would stake his claim on his personal quest to achieve the American dream.   After graduating from high school, he pursued his Bachelors degree at St. John’s University and later transferred to Brooklyn College.  It was while attending the college that the idea for a different way to sell cars began to crystallize in the inventive entrepreneur’s mind.

His idea was to sell cars like a brokerage.  Instead of walking through a car lot, people would tell Vlad’s sales associates what kind of car they want – make and model – and then the sales associates do the shopping, negotiating the best deal on that kind of car and then delivering the car right to the home or office of the buyer.

Vlad’s idea started out as just a way to make a few $100 a week.  It quickly grew.  In fact, with devoted partners and exceptional staff, Signature Auto Group has grown to becoming the leading automotive sales company in the entire area.

Today Vlad continues managing the company.  He handles all the day-to-day operations of the company and sells cars too.  He is also an insurance broker, property and casualty.

Vlad is married with 1 daughter.  He is a big community supporter who donates wherever he can help out.  He loves sports too.

His hard work has paid off and he plans to keep growing and keep on making people’s dreams come true.

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